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Welcome to Pegasus Charters!

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"Wow! This is fun!"

At Pegasus Charters, we offer a variety of sail and motor boats to help make your visit to Charleston, South Carolina the best it can be. No trip to Charleston is complete without seeing the wonders of the city from a sailboat or motor yacht on the water. All charters (rentals)  are private, affording you the privacy you want and the schedule flexibility you need. Don’t be limited to a set charter schedule; we will plan a trip around your schedule which will help you fit in all the attractions you want to see while in town.

Have some family fun, try a sunset cruise , surprise your special someone with a romantic getaway, or plan a dockside party. No matter what you choose, Pegasus Charters is dedicated to supplying the best charter experience possible.

Basic Charter Rules:

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our boats.
  • Appropriate footwear is required. Boat shoes or light-soled shoes are recommended. No high heeled shoes will be allowed on the boat for safety purposes. Going barefoot is always acceptable!
  • Food and drink are not supplied by Pegasus Charters. Feel free to bring along a cooler with drinks and snacks. No bottles please, as they have a tendency to break. The exception to this rule is wine bottles. We will place the bottle in the sink or you can keep it in the cooler where it will not get broken.
  • Arrive at the boat 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. This will give you time to stow your belongings and receive the safety briefing prior to leaving.
  • Do not bring along additional guests over what you chartered the boat for. All vessels are limited in the number of people they can take out, so to avoid an embarrassing situation, only show up with the number of people you originally stated.
  • Garbage can not be disposed overboard. All vessels have garbage cans on board for your use. Throwing garbage into the water harms the sea life and is against the law.
  • Life jackets are required for children 12 and under and will be provided by the Captain. Life jackets are also available to anyone else who may want one.

Come on board!

All boats are captained by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed personnel and meet U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements. Call Pegasus Charters at (843) 276-4203 or Click here. We’ll be happy to set up a sailing adventure for you!