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Cruise Packages: Dockside Party

Have you ever wanted to hold a party on the water, but were too afraid that someone might get seasick? Or that your food and drink would spill all over the place? Well, worry no more.

At Pegasus Charters, we can help you accomplish your dream without the worry of uncomfortable guests or sloppy eating conditions ... with a dockside party. A dockside party is the perfect way to incorporate your party with the water, without ever leaving the marina.

You may choose to bring your own food and drink, or Pegasus Charters can help you with catering. Your guests will have access to the whole boat, including the area below decks. There are bathroom facilities available on board and at the marina for you to use.

Be sure to make your next gathering a dockside party where you and your guests will have unparalleled views of the water and the Charleston skyline while eating, drinking and making merry.

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