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Inlet Scout

Inlet Scout

The “Inlet Scout” is 36 ft Aluminum pontoon boat that’s USCG rated for 24 people. Stable and steady on windy or choppy days, she comes with a unisex restroom , a good sound system and room to stretch out.There’s plenty of room for you to set up a medium sized table if you’re serving food, and room to stash your coolers away so they aren’t underfoot. This boat features an open deck up front for catching some rays and a roof over the back 2/3rds for those who want to stay in the shade during your private boat charter. While we can’t claim to be 100% handicap accessible, the Inlet Scout has a flat deck that’s more than suitable for wheelchair guests. There are plenty of strong guys around the marina to help out, so we’ll do our absolute best to get anyone who needs a hand on board. Bring your coolers, food and iPod. Alcohol allowed.

Capacity: 24 Passengers

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All boats are captained by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed personnel and meet U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements. Call Pegasus Charters at (843) 276-4203 or Click here. We’ll be happy to set up a sailing adventure for you!